December 5, 2021

XNRGY and HIGHMARK form partnership to address Net-Zero Sustainability challenge in New York City.

SHARING THE SAME VISION TO DELIVER LEADING-EDGE CUSTOM HVAC SYSTEMS SAINT-HUBERT, QC, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – XNRGY Climate Systems, a leading provider of advanced sustainable solutions in…


SAINT-HUBERT, QC, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – XNRGY Climate Systems, a leading provider of advanced sustainable solutions in air treatment, is pleased to announce a partnership with HIGHMARK to deliver premier cutting-edge building efficiency HVAC technologies to the New York City metropolitan area.

Drawn together by a shared passion to bring high quality technologies to commercial, institutional, high-rise, multifamily, industrial and hospital structures, XNRGY and HIGHMARK are committed to leading the conversion to state-of-the-art and reliable building efficiency solutions incorporating sustainable design, power usage effectiveness, and reduced carbon footprints.

XNRGY has recruited a remarkable team of professionals benefiting from over 250 years of collective experience and is investing over $75 million in innovative smart manufacturing technologies at its new facility.  Innovative design and manufacturing of systems allow XNRGY to deliver advanced sustainable HVAC solutions focused on low vibration and sound levels matched with high efficiency.  Cutting edge manufacturing technologies coupled with automation of their new state-of-the-art equipment is allowing XNRGY to help building owners achieve significant cost reductions and improvements to energy efficiency and carbon net-zero metrics. 

Wholly dedicated to adapting to customers’ needs, XNRGY is a leader in the custom air handling industry, providing effective solutions incorporating revolutionary energy recovery technologies.  By designing and manufacturing dedicated outside air systems, heating coils, custom air handling units, chilled water systems, and humidification systems, XNRGY pioneers cost-effective and efficient solutions.

HIGHMARK was co-founded in 2013 by Richard Gerbe and Anthony Sannazzaro due to their frustration with   the lack of innovation and customer focus in building efficiency.  Today HIGHMARK is recognized in the industry as a building-efficiency pioneer, continuing to source the world’s most innovative building efficiency technologies for the New York City market.

Comprised of an extensive global team encompassing hundreds of professionals driven to continually challenge the HVAC industry status quo, HIGHMARK leads the field in building electrification, sustainability, decarbonization, energy efficiency, and emissions reduction.  Focused on providing custom solutions specific to the needs of even the most demanding structures, HIGHMARK consistently delivers optimal cost-effective operations and furthers the carbon-reduction targets of end users.

With experienced and dedicated professionals working together to tailor customized products to end users, XNRGY and HIGHMARK share a vision to deliver leading-edge custom systems, building electrification, sustainability, decarbonization, decreased emissions and reduced energy consumption to the New York City metropolitan area.

“Highmark is the perfect strategic partner to join our extended family. Their values and expertise are very consistent with those of XNRGY, giving us a running start. Looking forward to working together.”

Sham S. Ahmed

President and General Manager, XNRGY Climate Systems

“I am very excited that Highmark has joined XNRGY to find energy solutions in the largest market in the United States. They will be a great partner for us”.

Wais Jalali, Chairman, Cerebrus, LLC


XNRGY is a privately held company which designs, engineers, and manufactures sophisticated, sustainable innovative solutions focused on reducing both carbon footprint and energy consumption.  Key products include large custom refrigeration and chilled water air handling units, vertical and horizontal data center units up to 600 kW, dedicated outside air systems, and energy recovery systems.  XNRGY uses BIM/CFD to prevent transient performance failures in mission critical facilities.  XNRGY looks at iso vectors and pressure distribution to design the most efficient systems for clients. This contributes to lower KW while delivering the maximum air to the buildings and adds to LEED as well as NET ZERO initiatives.


Cerebrus, LLC, is a global private equity firm investing in sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, supply chain management, and the digital economy. The firm’s main interest is to create innovative solutions for hyperscale data centers and clean rooms.

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