August 12, 2020

Sparx Hockey Unveils New Sparx Skate Sharpener

ACTON, Mass., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sparx Hockey, the leading developer of easy-to-use, automated at-home skate sharpening systems, today unveiled…

ACTON, Mass., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sparx Hockey, the leading developer of easy-to-use, automated at-home skate sharpening systems, today unveiled its latest products, the new Sparx Sharpener and Sparx Sharpener Pro. The two new products build on Sparx Hockey’s tremendous success with its revolutionary first-generation of automated skate sharpeners and are now available for immediate purchase.

“The first generation Sparx Sharpener changed the skate sharpening process forever and we are excited to unveil the new Sparx Sharpener to the hockey and figure skating community,” said Russell Layton, CEO and Founder, Sparx Hockey. “More than two years ago we set out to create a new product that had the same precision and professional-level results as the original Sparx Sharpener, but in a more compact and lightweight design. With the tremendous feedback from our first model, we were also committed to making the new product more affordable so that more families, teams and individuals could experience the benefits of a Sparx sharpening. We are proud that we have delivered on both objectives with the new Sparx Sharpener and we are excited to bring it to market.”

The new Sparx Sharpener is now available to purchase for just $699.99 and features the same precision sharpening components as the first generation Sparx Sharpener, but with more than a 40% reduction in overall size and weight. The new Sparx Sharpener also features enhancements to the grinding motor and an updated operating system to ensure optimal sharpener performance.

In addition to the new Sparx Sharpener, Sparx Hockey also unveiled the new Sparx Sharpener Pro.  The Pro model features the same sharpening performance as the standard Sparx Sharpener, but also includes the new Sparx Pro Base which is a heavy-duty metal docking station with an integrated tempered glass user access panel.  The Sparx Sharpener Pro is a unique 2-in-1 system that allows the user to easily transform the sharpener from the Pro Base, to the more compact and lightweight Standard Base for traveling. When connected to the Pro Base, the Sparx Sharpener Pro is similar in size and weight to the original Sparx Sharpener and is now available to purchase for $899.99.

Founded in 2013, Sparx Hockey has been named one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine both of the last two years. The first generation Sparx Skate Sharpener is used by thousands of customers around the world, including individuals, families, professional and amateur teams, rink operators and retailers. In addition, more than 25 National Hockey League teams are using the Sparx Sharpener and the company recently expanded its distribution to Europe and Russia.

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About Sparx Hockey

Sparx Hockey is a privately held corporation located in Acton, Massachusetts. Founded in 2013, Sparx Hockey is a developer and manufacturer of skate sharpening equipment and related accessories for ice hockey, figure skating and sled hockey. The innovative and fast-growing company is focused on building a leadership position in skate sharpening by providing customers with the most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use skate sharpening equipment on the planet.

The company’s flagship product, the Sparx Sharpener, is an affordable, automated product that allows anyone, anywhere, with no prior skate sharpening experience, to easily sharpen hockey skates with pro-level accuracy. Thousands of customers in the U.S. and Canada are currently sharpening their skates with Sparx, including individuals, families, teams, rink operators and pro shops. Elite teams and players around the world are also experiencing the consistency and accuracy of Sparx, including more than 25 NHL teams.

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