December 5, 2021

Pizza Hut International And TRIVIAL PURSUIT Partner In Pizza Pursuit

Two $10,000 Prizes Up for Grabs for Pizza Lovers With the Most Knowledge PLANO, Texas, Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –…

Two $10,000 Prizes Up for Grabs for Pizza Lovers With the Most Knowledge

PLANO, Texas, Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pizza Hut International teamed up Hasbro Gaming’s TRIVIAL PURSUIT to bring hungry gamers Pizza Pursuit, a digital trivia game where two grand prize winners will be entered for a chance to win $10,000 each (in local currency). Players can test their knowledge and compete with others, all while enjoying a slice of their favorite Pizza Hut pizza.

Pizza Pursuit will launch in five markets, starting on November 8 and running through the end of January 2022. To play, customers can simply purchase a Pizza Hut pizza in participating markets, scan the QR code on the box using their smartphone, and test their knowledge for a chance to win. In addition to the cash prize, markets are offering localized prizes and extra entries. Participating markets include the UK (Nov. 8), Brazil and El Salvador (Nov. 15), Canada and South Africa (Dec. 1).

“This iconic collaboration between two brands creates a unique opportunity in bringing entertainment into the homes of family and friends while also enjoying delicious pizza” said Taiya Ryan, Director of Brand Marketing, Pizza Hut International. “Pizza Pursuit is a first of its kind digital experience appealing to all ages, offering a fun way to enjoy a slice of both pizza and trivia, while also having chances to win prizes.”

“The TRIVIAL PURSUIT game is all about showing off those bits of fun, random knowledge that each of us has learned over the years,” said Casey Collins, Head of Global Licensed Consumer Products and Business Development at Hasbro. “Paring a game that brings together friends and family to create laughter and memories, with Pizza Hut pizza, and the chance to win $10,000 will make for some memorable game nights!”

The game can be played individually or with up to six people, aged 16-years and older. Questions range across six categories: sport, leisure, arts, film and music, geography, history, everyday fun, and of course – pizza! Each correct answer will give players points along with the opportunity to win instant prizes.

Regionally, the game will feature bonus questions from partners such as Pepsi, Coke and Ben & Jerry’s. The more questions users get right, the more prizes received, and chances to enter to win the grand prize.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT is the trivia game that started it all. For nearly 40 years, millions of players have tested their knowledge against friends and family, racing around the board, vying to collect all six colored wedges to win.

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