MedChron LLC Launches Its Innovative New SaaS for Small to Mid Size Medical Practices, Optimizing CCM, CCP, and MWV Medicare Billing

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For years, small and medium sized medical practices have struggled to find solutions…

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For years, small and medium sized medical practices have struggled to find solutions for CCM, CCP, and MWV Medicare billing. Doing it independently has usually meant simply trying to organize billable minutes and hours retrospectively, using excel spreadsheets, human memory, or handwritten notes. Typically, when offices attempt to real-time track their billables, it quickly becomes a mess and a headache.

Since the Medicare Chronic Care Management program’s inception, high-dollar consultants and software companies have attempted to leverage the situation around CCM management by over-charging for services, syphoning off medical reimbursements that should go to the doctor’s offices that provide the actual services. These medical practices need those reimbursements to continue to provide high quality care for their great work with Chronic Care patients on the Medicare caseload.

MedChron was founded to fix both problems and deliver an affordable web-based software solution that quickly, efficiently, and neatly organizes all contacts and interactions with patients. MedChron then aggregates those interactions into monthly billable invoices ready for Medicare reimbursement requests.

MedChron is the brainchild of Matthew Stringer, the 19 year old founder and CEO of MedChron. The genesis for MedChron came about when his father, Scott Stringer, doctor of internal medicine in Sacramento, California, presented Matthew with the problem around organizational challenges of CCM/CCP/MWV data collection, aggregation, and reimbursement filing. Matthew created the first MedChron beta version within months for his fathers’ practice, and today Dr. Stringer’s office is the case study for the effectiveness of the product. Matthew did almost all of the engineering of the SaaS himself, all while being a student at University of California, San Diego.

With MedChron Dr. Stringer was able to be properly reimbursed for the high-quality work his office was providing, and because that reimbursement was now coming timely and consistently, his office scaled from 25 patients to 200 patients. All the while the quality of care increased as every contact with the patient was documented, nothing “forgotten”, no work duplicated, and no work without reimbursement.

With a price 1/10th of the industry average for similar products, MedChron is a web software solution born out of the medical community for the medical community. Founder Matthew Stringer wanted the SaaS to be affordable, equalizing the playing field between small medical practices and large enterprise medical organizations.

MedChron: a look at what ethically optimized CCM reimbursements can look like.

See how the software works by clicking here.

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