December 8, 2021

Mavericks And Merlins – Follow Your Dreams And Keep Fear From Keeping You Ashore, from Merlin Law Group

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — How does an ocean racing sailboat – which was built in a chicken…

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — How does an ocean racing sailboat – which was built in a chicken coop by a young yacht designer with novel ideas and little money – end up changing the world of yacht racing forever? On its surface, Mavericks and Merlins could be seen simply as a book about an iconic racing yacht that changed the way ocean racing sailboats would forever be designed. But at its core, this book is about ignoring naysayers and capturing your life’s dreams.

For the book’s author, Chip Merlin, his dream and promise to himself at 19 years old was to own and race a boat with his same last name. Nearly forty years later and while trying to fulfill another bucket list promise he wanted to accomplish about a sailing adventure with his aging father, his opportunity came him when he found out that the famous Merlin was for sale.

“All of us dream about what we want to do and about life’s possibilities. We often dismiss them or fail to follow through on actions which would otherwise lead to life experiences which are much more fulfilling and fun,” says Chip Merlin.

“I wanted to capture how Bill Lee, the builder of Merlin, took his dreams that challenged the status quo about yacht design and the sailing establishment and won. He truly represents the notion of being a ‘maverick’ and living life the best that you can on your own terms.”

Mavericks and Merlins highlights Chip’s time with his famous yacht. He discusses how his passion for racing sailboats was interrupted for years by self-imposed excuses about work and his being a lawyer helping people with insurance claim disputes. However, through examples of what he and his crew have accomplished with Merlin in the time they have dedicated to it, this book shows how we benefit from making the time to do things that are aligned with our emotional passions for life, even if they are not completely successful.

“For me, I love the feel of wind in my hair, sun on my cheeks, the feel of the waves on my body and the fun competitiveness of who can go the fastest. I know that is not everybody’s dream or passion. But the question all of us face is why we are not trying to do these things? Is it because we would be embarrassed if we failed? I also like to stand up for the underdog and I get a lot of satisfaction being the best insurance litigation for people fighting their own insurance companies. If I let fear of losing get in the way of either racing sailboats or battling insurance companies in the courtroom, I would never push myself to be the best I am capable of in either endeavor.”

Mavericks and Merlins is full of stories about sailors on the high seas and their experiences on one the most well-loved, record setting and iconic racing sailboats. It highlights the controversial Merlin, which many claimed to be unsafe, but is now recognized as leading the way towards ultra-lightweight design of today’s ocean racing yachts. The life lessons from the sailors’ stories and overcoming their challenges is truly why this book is not just a sailing book, but one everybody can enjoy and learn from.

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