Indie Beauty Start-up, Apiceuticals, Launches Leading Antioxidant Line in the United States

ARCADIA, Greece, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Apiceuticals™ Greek Beauty start-up revolutionizes the skincare industry by providing the world’s leading antioxidant…

ARCADIA, Greece, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Apiceuticals™ Greek Beauty start-up revolutionizes the skincare industry by providing the world’s leading antioxidant beauty series, PROPOWAX™.

Living Shampoo? Apiceuticals’ new beauty line introduces “live honeycomb” technology for maximum antioxidant activity.

PROPOWAX™ PATENTED TECHNOLOGY turns the output of bees into dermocosmetics, supremely high in antioxidant activity, backed-up with scientifcally proven results. Thee novel Honeycomb Stick inside Apiceuticals’ Dermocosmetics acts as a “VISIBLE LIVING OBJECT” which naturally releases large amounts of antioxidants to the cosmetic formula and, therefore to the skin. Antioxidants are the ultimate way to repair the damaged cells from external environmental aggressors, neutralize the free radicals, and eventually protect and defend our skin against aging.

“After 3 years of thorough research and endless empirical studies with the Greek Universities, we managed to turn bee-science into meaningful skincare innovations for the sophisticated consumer of the 21st century, who seeks consequential effectiveness via natural ways,” say Nikos and Billy Roumeliotis, the brothers and founders of Apiceuticals.

“We, as Bee Scientists, believe that nature always has the answer, and bees are the ones that impart this knowledge to humanity,” they add.


✓  High Antioxidant and Antipollution Activity

✓  Soothing and Skin defending properties

✓  Tested on Sensitive Skin

The PROPOWAX™ SERIES is the latest innovation from Apiceuticals, following their popular Beeswax & Propolis balms, available for purchase at in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. CAMFormulas operates in the US through their parent company, CurativeShop, Inc., with a warehouse located in Pleasant Hill, IA.

ABOUT APICEUTICALS: Apiceuticals, founded in 2019 in the euphoric Greek land of Arcadia, is a multi-awarded sustainable start-up disruptor and game-changer in the Clean Beauty industry arena. With more than 40 years of accumulative bee-scientific knowledge, Apiceuticals provides meaningful well-BEEing innovations, respecting the environment that we and our pollinators live in.

ABOUT CAMFORMULAS: CAMFormulas, founded in 2012, is a premium shop for professional-grade vitamins, supplements, herbal extracts, skincare, and beauty products. CAMFormulas is part of CurativeShop, Inc., and OneroRX, a leader in community-focused pharmacies, tele-pharmacies, medical supplies, and wellness products.

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