Everton: Frank Lampard may regret criticism of squad – Chris Sutton

“He had a difficult job to take on, most of the blame lies with [previous manager Rafa] Benitez on this one, but he hasn’t made the impact which I think he expected to – and the Everton fans expected him to.”

Everton have picked up only four wins in their past 12 games in all competitions, but they won their last Premier League match at home to Newcastle. After the match, Lampard said he broke his hand celebrating on the touchline.

After defeat by Palace on Sunday Lampard criticised his players, saying: “There is only so much you can keep trying to butter someone up to give them confidence.”

But Sutton added: “I just wonder with Frank, and wondered at the time he took the job, I thought he was brave. Everton is a big club, but the club were in a real mess. This was always going to be a difficult task for him.

“His words this weekend worried me a little bit, and they worried me because I actually thought for the first time he may be doubting himself in maybe taking the job.

“My worry for Frank is if things don’t work out here, where does he go from Everton? He’s an intelligent man, but the way he’s talking I think there’s massive frustration.”