Emerging Rap Artist SOS LO releases Honorable Flex featuring Trippie Redd and Chris King

ATLANTA, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone claims to be a talented artist in some aspects of their lives, but…

ATLANTA, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone claims to be a talented artist in some aspects of their lives, but true talent is molded by sheer will to succeed and guided by mentors who witness their potential.  SOS Lo, a young artist from Greenville, South Carolina, is that potential artist and with content ready to make a difference. His new hit single, “Honorable Flex” featuring Trippie Redd and Chris King releases today. “Honorable Flex” will be the next party song of the season with its melodic tones by Trippie and rifts between Chris and SOS Lo, a product of not only them but his collaboration with other talented musicians and producers such as Jazze Pha.

SOS Lo is an independent artist also under his label Death to Normalcy (DTN) in association with artists Easton Keys, Steezy Reezy, and content/ video creators Loghan, and Dak.  Under his mentor’s, Adrian Porter, guidance for a year and his educational collaboration with producers, SOS Lo has witnessed his growth in music. From a small homemade studio in his garage with his friends from 2019 has rapidly grown into an inspiring network of musicians and came forth his new self-confidence that took a hard blow from youth. In his own words, “The most challenging thing I’ve had to overcome has to be my high school experience. I had some family members that had got arrested and it made the news.” As one expects, the experience took a toll on his relationship with his then-girlfriend and other friends, leaving behind only two who still believed in him: Dylan and Trey.

That moment in his life did not break him but inspired him to pursue his dream with much vigor. He turned down basketball offers at Clemson University and attended solely as a student until pursuing music full-time after Freshman year. His start off in music, “. . . wasn’t good but it worked well enough to get practice, ” and from then on his confidence and humility in the process attracted the attention of his soon to be mentor, Adrian Porter. The respect Lo has earned from his fellow professional rappers, producers, and mentors is seen, in his eyes, as one of his crowning achievements thus far.

“What I want people to take from my music is there maybe all this bad stuff you see going on, or you may be going through some shit, but it can always get better. There no point in focusing on the negatives when there are also more positives . . . ,” His humbleness of the overall experience speaks through his music if not acts as an imperative pillar of his craft. With the exception of his top three inspiring artists: B.o.B. B, Meek Mill, and Joey Bada$$. ” I’d like an honorable mention for Denzel Curry too, ” he added. 

Lo produced his own music along with his companions, but ultimately used this opportunity as a chance to learn from the professionals what it means to make great music, “I will give my suggestions, but they have the final say. I mainly work with my mentor AP and he is a genius when it comes to production. It’s really a pleasure watching him work and I think he is one of the greatest to ever do it.” Says SOS Lo.

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