In Venezuelan hospital, newborns in cardboard boxes

Photos released by Venezuela’s opposition this week show a dramatically different scene than you’d expect to see in a hospital nursery. The images show newborn babies in cardboard boxes, lined up on a counter.
A hospital employee took the photos, according to the opposition group that released them.Venezuela’s opposition says the photos of the babies show a health care system in crisis.
The images purportedly were taken at the government-run Domingo Guzmán Lander Hospital in the coastal city of Barcelona, about 315 kilometers (195 miles) east of Caracas. CNN has not been able to independently verify the authenticity of the photos and it is unclear when they were taken.
Mesa de la Unidad Democratica, the coalition of opposition organizations that released the images, says the scene is another sign of a crisis hitting the country’s health care system.
Authorities are investigating, according to the government official who runs the institute that oversees the Barcelona hospital and others across the country. «We in no way justify the actions taken,» Venezuelan Social Security Institute President Carlos Rotondaro said on Twitter Tuesday.
But he also defended the health care system. «Our hospitals take care of hundreds of patients, despite what some media are hiding. We recognize the failures and continue,» he wrote.