Family of teen shot by deputy reacts to $1.7 million settlement

Advertisement Linda and Irving Camberde | 25 de octubre de 2016

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — The parents and sister of an 18-year-old autistic man spoke publicly for the first time since a settlement was reached in their wrongful death civil lawsuit. The suit was filed against the the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Deputy William Goldstein. Linda and Irving Camberdella sued over the fatal shooting of their son Michael in 2012. Their attorney, Sean Domnick, said the settlement was the largest ever paid by the Sheriff’s Office in a wrongful death case. Domnick said the trial was slated for the end of October. Linda Camberdella, who witnessed her son’s shooting, said it had been a four-year battle and they were relieved it was over. "There is no amount of money that will ever bring my son back. I would trade every dollar, every dime to bring my son back, to walk in his precious presence, every hour, every day just to be with my son," she said. Camberdella called 911 four years ago to report trouble with her son, who had bipolar disorder and was being aggressive and threatening toward her. When Goldstein responded, Michael was outside brandishing a rubber hammer and gardening shears. Goldstein ordered him to drop the objects, which he did, but Michael did not comply with his orders to drop to the ground. According to the deputy, he charged at him and threw rocks. Goldstein fired 11 shots, fatally striking Michael. Linda Camberdella was taken by ambulance to the hospital after collapsing. Domnick said the family hopes the settlement sends a message to the Sheriff’s Office to continue training their deputies on how to respond to people with mental handicaps. The money will be distributed in two yearly settlements, and the defendants will not face any further responsibility or guilt in the matter.
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