Man accused of secret recordings inside Vegas rental home

Las Vegas Metro police | 22 de octubre de 2016

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - At least four men and four women were caught naked on hidden cameras while staying in a house they rented online near in the south Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas Metro police said officers found video of Christopher Rogers, who was detained in the case, on a step ladder to adjust the cameras and make sure they were pointing at private areas like the toilets, showers, and bedrooms. The tiny cameras were hidden inside smoke detectors. From the outside, the large house near Warm Springs and Pecos roads is littered with surveillance cameras. According to a police report, people who stayed there specifically asked an employee if there were cameras set up anywhere private. The employee said no. "Oh yeah, the house is really nice actually. I didn't see any trouble at all," said Sasi Ramireddy, who stayed at the home last November. "I gave a good review, but I never thought about something like this." Ramireddy was visiting from Santa Clara, CA. He said he gave a good review, because he thought the owner was professional. He's uncertain now if he was being recorded, and he's glad he didn't bring his family along for the trip. "I have children. I have a daughter and son," said Ramireddy. "Definitely not appropriate." Police reports show pictures of the six hidden cameras inside the house. Ramireddy said he remembered seeing the smoke detectors, but he didn't think anything of it at the time. That's because, unlike the person who turned in Rogers, he didn't look close enough to notice a flashing red light. "We never never thought about that. Somebody is some kind of a sick person," he said. "They deserve a punishment for sure." Most of the victims found out about the rental home online. To this day, even after the cameras have been taken out, tourists are still staying there. One man, who didn't want to be identified, said he had no idea the house had history. The other men, who spoke to us over the phone, said they had no idea they might be victims until we notified them. "Oh man," said Ramireddy, laughing nervously. "That makes me more scared... That is really really bad." According to the Clark County District Court website, Rogers faces multiple counts of capturing an image of the private area of another person, which is a gross misdemeanor. His initial arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday.
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