Suspect Fires at California Police Cruiser During Pursuit

suspects fired at least 13 rounds | 24 de octubre de 2016

A California police officer was uninjured after a pursuit early Sunday morning ended when the officer's vehicle was hit by gunfire. The Madera Police officer's civilian ride-along passenger suffered minor injuries.The officer, whose name is not being released at the time, attempted to stop a Mazda SUV. When the car did not stop, a chase ensued in the city of Madera, located 30 miles northwest of Fresno. The civilian in the officer's car can be heard saying, "He's not stopping? You're kidding me, right?"Dashcam video shows the suspect blowing through stop signs at about 40 mph. The front passenger in the SUV first fired about nine rounds out the window at the officer's car, followed by four more rounds. Three rounds hit the car, two of them going through the windshield.The officer's car was disabled during the chase, forcing the officer to stop the pursuit, according to police. The SUV was later found a few blocks from where the officer had last seen it, but it was abandoned. Other officers searched the area and found a pistol as well as other evidence.The officer, who was only on his second week as a solo officer, was not injured during the pursuit. A civilian, who was riding along in the passenger seat, had minor scratches from broken glass. No arrests were made.Anyone with information regarding the pursuit or the suspects' identities is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Johnny Smith at 559-675-4291.
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