Gov. Cuomo, after trashing Trump, says the President-elect could be a 'bonus' for New York

Gov. Cuomo | 10 de noviembre de 2016

Days after branding President-elect Donald Trump “un-New York,” Gov. Cuomo on Wednesday said having the New York native in the White House could be a “bonus.” Cuomo, during a NY1 phone interview, said he had a good conversation with Trump on Wednesday. He said the two discussed the need for infrastructure projects. He said as a New York native, Trump also understands the needs of big cities. “We have to work together because with gridlock, everybody loses,” said Cuomo, who backed Democrat Hillary Clinton. “I look forward to working together (with Trump). We have a Republican Senate in New York for six years. So as an executive your job is to get things done and I know how to work on the other side of the aisle to get things done.”But getting things done might have gotten more difficult for Cuomo after state Senate Republicans seemingly held on to their slim majority. Cuomo this year vigorously campaigned on behalf of a Democratic Senate, saying that while he's accomplished big things with the Republicans in charge, there are progressive issues like campaign finance reform, ethics changes, and creation of a state DREAM Act that the GOP just won't do. He called for the election of “good Democrats” to help complete his agenda.But with the Republicans seemingly holding on to control of the chamber, depending on the outcome of two tight races, State Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn) said there was likely to be resentment among some GOPers over Cuomo's vigorous support for the Senate Democrats.He predicted that the governor's agenda, especially his top goal of an ethics reform bill, would be met with increased resistance. "Without a doubt I am sure some of my colleagues are quite upset but it is going to come down to the taxpayers and doing what's right for them," Golden said. Senate GOP Majority Leader John Flanagan in an Election Night statement said his conference will focus on cutting taxes, improving the economy, and increasing school funding. He mentioned the need for ethics reform, but his conference has opposed Cuomo’s push to create a state-funded public campaign finance system, close a major donation loophole, and limit the outside income of lawmakers.

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